Mental Health Counsellor

Mental Health Counsellor

Your mental health counsellor is here to support you exactly where you are in life.

Living with mental health struggles at any age can make even simple tasks feel overwhelming. You may have dealt with issues like anxiety or depression for years or only recently gotten the feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed in your day-to-day life. You may struggle to manage stress, have difficulty setting goals, or know something has to change, but have no idea where to begin.

At Mentality Counselling, we specialize in helping real people overcome real struggles. We do not believe there is any wrong way to feel your emotions in life.

Our counsellors are highly empathetic, trained professionals who combine their skills in online counselling with an open-minded, compassionate approach to helping others.

What Is a Mental Health Counsellor?

Your counsellor is there to listen to your thoughts and feelings without judgment. They provide support, ask important questions, and help you take steps toward positive change at a comfortable pace.

Many people worry that their counsellor will ask them questions that make them uncomfortable or force them to do things they don’t want to. That is never the case at Mentality Counselling. We work with you and for your greater good.

Your mental health matters, but you may not know how to prioritize it in life. You may struggle to put your needs first or even have difficulty recognizing them anymore.

Perhaps you’ve developed an addiction or struggle with substance abuse, pornography, or excessive social media use and anxiety.

You may feel insecure, inferior, and incapable or undeserving of the things you want out of life.

Your counsellor is here to show you that is not true. They remind you of your capability, help you discover your strengths, and apply them in the most meaningful ways possible.

Who Needs a Mental Health Counsellor?

Anyone is able to talk with a counsellor. You do not need any severe mental health issues or mental illnesses to benefit from counselling.

Sometimes, we hit a roadblock in life. We may face challenges we aren’t sure how to overcome, or struggle to accept major life changes, both positive and negative.

Mentality Counselling is here to provide adults 18 and older a safe therapeutic setting. We allow you to gradually open up about what is on your mind, set goals, and achieve them in ways that are both feasible and meaningful to you.

You may benefit from speaking to a mental health counsellor if:

  • You struggle with feeling hopeless, worthless, lonely, or purposeless
  • You are dealing with a lot of stress and struggling to cope
  • You have an addiction to substances, pornography, social media, shopping, or anything that is interrupting your life
  • You have shame, guilt, trauma, and fears that you are afraid to talk about to other people
  • You have difficulty setting goals, staying focused, and making meaningful progress in your life

The goal of our counselling services is to offer a safe, non-judgmental space to everyone, regardless of their age, employment status, sexuality, or gender identity. Everyone is welcome because we believe everyone deserves to be heard and understood.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to have an open conversation about your feelings without fear of being judged or condemned. We are not here to punish you, shame you, or tell you how to live.

Instead, we want to extend an invitation to listen about your problems. Our counsellors want to hear your story, see your pain and struggles, and help you find healthy ways to overcome them.

What You Can Expect

We bring therapy to you. You can meet with a mental health counsellor online to discuss your reasons for trying online therapy and seeing if it’s the right fit for you.

There is no pressure or obligation. Meeting with an online therapist is a chance to discuss what you’re looking for out of counselling and understand what options therapy may present to you.

Together, we can discuss where you are, what you’re struggling with, and where you’d like to go in life.

We set goals that feel meaningful and achievable for you, and we work together to reach them at your own pace.

At Mentality Counselling, we believe that there are 5 pillars to health that play an important role in happiness. They are:

  • Mental health
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Spirituality

You may notice that mental health can affect all of the other pillars, and vice-versa. It’s our goal to help you achieve a greater balance between these five pillars in your life and leave therapy a healthier version of yourself.

Next Steps – Finding Your Counsellor

If you would like to speak with a therapist, we are ready to help you. You can reach out to us at Mentality Counselling anytime to learn more about counselling, ask questions, and arrange your first appointment with one of our counsellors.

After telling us about what you are reaching out for, we can match you with a counsellor who we believe is the best fit. If you have a particular counsellor you would like to speak to, feel free to message us about arranging an appointment with them directly.

Please reach out to us today to book a free 15-minute call. We can tell you about our practice, our therapy, and see if our counselling services are right for you.